Development and application of UAV is now the center of attention–– forum held by UAV Maker Satellite Hub, NKUST

The Forum of Development and Application of Long-Endurance and High-Payload UAV Technology was held on Sep.21 at Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau.

On September 21, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Maker Satellite Hub of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST) held the Forum of Development and Application of Long-Endurance and High-Payload UAV Technology in Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, attracting over 200 talents of related departments to participate. The participants included not only the teachers and students of NKUST and National Tainan Industrial High School, but also the forerunners of the UAV industry, who were attracted to the event for its reputation, revealing that the significance, development and application of UAV has now received a great deal of attention.

Professor Ming-Yuan Cho (卓明遠) of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of NKUST indicated that in order to transmit the experience of industry and academia to students, Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau has actively established the “Southern Taiwan Science Park AI Robot Maker Hub” to bring about an atmosphere of common making practices for the local place, assist in training of makers and technological realization, combine the results with markets, and create technical growth and value.

One of the 17 satellite hubs of AI Robot Maker Hubs is located at Jiangong Campus of NKUST. The forum held this time took UAV and smart manufacture as the cores and application as the theme, presenting and embodying the multiple patterns of the scope of UAV development. Four main themes were explored during the forum, respectively are “application of unmanned carrier-based drone to surveillance of environment,” “smart thermal image-tracking system,” “high-load and high-endurance commercial UAV” and “application of adaptive control to UAV.”

Scholars and experts gathered together to promote and speak at the forum.

Scholars and experts were invited to be the speakers at the forum, including Associate Professor Chien-Erh Weng (翁健二) and Professor Wen-Ping Chen (陳文平) of NKUST, Supervisor Wen-Yang Peng (彭文陽) of Mechanical and Mechatronics System Research Laboratories of Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Dr. Kuang-Sun Yang (楊光勳) of Metal Industries Research and Development Center.  A great number of elites were gathered at the forum. They introduced and shared the UAV development technology from different angles.  At the end of the activity, the organizer arranged a lucky draw activity, with great prizes of drones and tablets for the lucky participants, marking a perfect ending for the forum this time.