Senior diplomat regains consciousness after fainting at ceremony

Taipei, Oct. 10 (CNA)-A senior diplomat responsible for receiving foreign dignitaries at National Day celebrations on Wednesday has regained consciousness after experiencing a cardiac arrest at the Presidential Office.

Tang Ji-zen (湯繼仁), Taiwan’s former ambassador to the Dominican Republic who now serves in the MOFA’s Department of Protocol, fainted before the celebrations officially began, according to MOFA spokesman Andrew Lee (李憲章).

After being rushed to the nearby Heping branch of Taipei City Hospital and receiving emergency care, Tang regained consciousness but remains hospitalized, Lee said.

Chien Li-chien (簡立建), director of emergency medicine at the hospital’s Heping branch, said Tang arrived at the hospital at around 9 a.m. and was diagnosed as having suffered an OHCA (out-of-hospital cardiac arrest).

He regained consciousness after around 50 minutes of emergency treatment but is still relatively unstable and has been sent to National Taiwan University Hospital for further care, Chien said.

Tang served as Taiwan’s ambassador to the Dominican Republic from October 2015 to May 2018 before Taiwan announced it was cutting diplomatic ties with the Caribbean country after it switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing.