Fourth suspect arrested in probe into murder of Canadian man

Canadian teacher Ramgahan Sanjay Ryan, right, was found murdered in Taiwan.

Taipei, Oct. 19-An American man was arrested in New Taipei Thursday in an investigation into the murder of a Canadian citizen in the city’s Yonghe District earlier this year, police said, noting that the man was the fourth suspect to be detained in the ongoing probe.

The suspect, identified only as a 46-year-old American male, is being questioned by New Taipei prosecutors in connection with the murder of Canadian Ryan Sanjay Ramgaha in August, Yonghe police said.

Since the dismembered body of Ramgahan, 43, was found Aug. 22 under Zhongzheng Bridge in Yonghe, police have also arrested two other American suspects — Oren Shlomo Mayer and Ewart Odane Bent — as well as a 21-year-old Taiwanese, Wu Hsuan.

Mayer, who was named as the main suspect, fled to the Philippines after Ramgahan’s death but was extradited and brought back to Taiwan Sept. 5 and has since been held incommunicado. Mayer, 37, ran a tattoo shop in Taipei, while Bent, 30, was an English teacher in Yonghe, police said.

According to local media reports, the two men suspected that Ramgahan had informed police that they were involved in illegal drug activities. The fourth suspect in the case taught English at the same cram school as Bent, police said.

According to the Apple Daily, police discovered that the fourth suspect had bought gasoline to help Mayer and Bent destroy evidence of the murder.