ART TAIPEI 2018: the Indefinite Art Museums ends exhibition today

The major regional art event ART TAIPEI 2018 is during October 26-29, featuring 135 high-quality galleries from 13 countries.

By Nora Chang

Taipei, Oct.29 - ART TAIPEI (台北國際藝術博覽會) held its 25th edition exhibition “the Indefinite Art Museums” (無形的美術館) at Taipei World Trade Center during October 26-29, 2018, featuring Northeast to Southeast Asia’s top-tier galleries, Taiwanese artwork showcases, and the expensive applications and implementations of digital technology in nowadays art scene.

The exhibition curates works of a total of 135 high-quality galleries from 13 countries and more than 34 domestic and foreign galleries participate in this event for the first time, accompanying with art salons, lectures and guided tours.

《Time for a Drink ! 》by 李紹榮(Lee Patrick).

ART TAIPEI 2018 hopes to break from the past limitation imposed on the museum regarding space, structure, and organization and strives to bring about more creative curations such as《Museum of the moon》by Luke Jerram, 《Enigmatica》by Kit Webster, and《Hyperreality No.2》and《Hyperreality No.3》by Taiwanese artist Tao Ya-Lun (陶亞倫), who won the “New Media Art Installation Award” at the 9th Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival (MADATAC) in Spain at the beginning of this year.

The《 Enigmatica》by Australian artist Kit Webster, a synesthetic video sculpture consisting of ten suspended concentric frames illuminated by a sequence of geometric animations.

The idea of ‘Indefinite Art Museums’ comes from that art actually exists everywhere, from urban zones to rural areas, private space to public sphere. It is also the trend of this era, executing a more conceptual orientated exhibition and providing new perspectives on art viewing by combining augmented reality and virtual reality technology.

The exhibition includes five areas from “Special Collection of Art Museums”, “Resonance · Loop-Art in Post-war Taiwan”, the technology exhibition of “the Enigmatic Museum”, “Window to Video Art” Collection Exhibition, and “Public Art Exhibition.”