‘Father of the Taliban’ killed in Pakistan


Maulana Sami ul Haq, a leading Islamist cleric, was killed in Pakistan on Friday, his nephew and son reported. Details of his death remained hazy, with initial reports saying he had been stabbed in his home and later ones stating he had been shot dead. 

Haq was known as the “Father of the Taliban” because he trained some of the leaders of the Islamist movement in Afghanistan. Many of them attended his Haqqania seminary, a well-known Islamist school in northwest Pakistan on the border with Afghanistan.

Haq also led a faction of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam party in Pakistan.

Pakisten | Sami Ul Haq Vater der Taliba erschossen (Getty Images/AFP/F. Naeem)

As part of a political and religious coalition in Pakistan, Sami ul Haq (center) protested the use of drones by the US

The cleric had been visiting Islamabad this week, but it was also unclear whether he was killed there or in the neighboring city of Rawalpindi. Haq was taken to the hospital after the attack. 

Haq’s spokesperson, Yousaf Shah, said the attacker’s identity and motive were unknown. Police officials have said they are investigating.

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