KMT’s Han Kuo-Yu provoked controversy amid right to protest

KMT mayoral candidate Han Kuo-yu leading DPP's Chen Chi-mai in Kaohsiung race, latest poll shows

Han Kuo-yu(韓國瑜), KMT Kaohsiung mayoral candidate in Taiwanese municipal elections, has become widely discussed as the election day approaches.

Born in 1957, Han served in the Legislative Yuan from 1993 to 2002. He moved to Yunlin County with his wife afterwards and didn’t appear in public until 2012, the year he started to work in Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing Corporation.

In April 2017, Han announced that he will run for mayor of Kaohsiung City in the coming election, then reaching highly publicity in both poll and public image in just few months.

Recently he received an interview in a TV program, said he will ban all political and ideological protests if he was elected as mayor.”Protests on environmental concerns, education and public safety are acceptable, but only ideologically motivated protests are barred.” said Han.

His wording has provoked some others who even doubting that Han believes in authoritarianism.”The Constitution of R.O.C guarantees thatpeople shall have freedom of assembly and association, and Han may not know enough about constitution and the process of democratization in Taiwan”, said DPP Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁)

To response criticism, Han stressed that all the propaganda of the DPP ignored the really need of residents of Kaohsiung, and he wants to promote Kaohsiung’s  economic development rather thanpolitical struggle.

According to the newest polling result, Han gets 43.1% of supporting rate while Chen Chi-mai gets 32.3%. It is still unclear who will become next mayor of Kaohsiung, but it is surprising that Han would prove so popular in Kaohsiung in such short time.