The most popular candidate Han Kuo-Yu: “There is no reason to be afraid”

Faced with escalating challenge from KMT's Han Kuo-yu, DPP Kaohsiung Mayor candidate adopts strong rhetoric

“These days smear campaign against me almost likes a soap opera,” said Han Kuo-yu(韓國瑜)on his Facebook on November 2, sighing for low political quality during Taiwanese municipal elections.

Han didn’t complain for no reasons since he is the one in the core of storm himself. Just like many other candidates, Han also faces many attacks since he decided to run for the position as mayor of Kaohsiung.

Actually the battle has started in 2016 when Han was still the general manager of Taipei Agricultural Products Marketing. Han was criticized for spending NT$84 million of the company’s of NT$90 million revenue on employee bonuses and hoarding then jacking up prices of vegetables. Han denied for the accusations, “As the general manager, I am obliged to share my company’s profits with my employees”, said Han.

In August 2018, Han was also criticized by Hakka community for saying “public schools should only teach Chinese (Mandarin) and English, and home languages should be taught/learned at home”. However, the KMT Party appealed for stopping taking Han’s comments out of context since his wording was nothing about discrimination and the main purpose is to make Kaohsiung becomes an international city in the future.

Even his manifesto and background have also become target. He promises to build a “Love Ferris Wheel” on the riverside of Love River, Kaohsiung, then this manifesto was criticized as “low class”. Moreover, Han was even exposed by internet users that he has background as a gangster, which is not really proved.

“There is no reason to be afraid of the pressure. No matter how savage the DPP is, it just can’t block the way for residents of Kaohsiung to make a better future. I will not back down, and I believe that residents of Kaohsiung don’t want to make concessions again.”, said Han.