Gamania Cheer Up Foundation Sending Antarctica Expedition Team as the First in both Taiwan and Asia

Gamania Cheer Up Foundation (橘子關懷基金會) is sending an expedition team to Antarctica for a month long adventure through off-road skiing, as the first team ever doing so not only in Taiwan but also in Asia.

By Nora Chang

Taipei, Nov. 6 – Gamania Cheer Up Foundation held a press conference today announcing that it is going to send an expedition team to Antarctica this month, conducting a one-month-long adventure as the first team ever doing so through off-road skiing not only in Taiwan but also in Asia.

The expedition team is consist of five members, with Albert Liu, the founder and CEO of Gamania, and Tommy Chen, Taiwan’s ultra-marathon runner also in the team.

­Having been planning the expedition since two years ago, the foundation aims to encourage the younger generation to pursue their goals and dreams in spite of today’s severe global economic and political situations, and also hopes for a deeper connection between humanity and nature due to the advance of technology.

The team just got back from the ski expedition trip to Arctica in April and plans to carry out the 660 kilometer adventure from the Amundsen coast to South Pole this time, which will be documented and broadcasted by Discovery Channel later next year.