Administrative neutrality violated concerns – New video released by Kaohsiung City Government

By Joyce Weng

Taipei, Nov. 07-Kaohsiung City Government released the new promotional video “Kaohsiung Style” on 6th November. It’s sensitive since it’s released after DPP Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Chen Chi-Mai (陳其邁) said that Kaohsiung City is “old and poor” and it happened to be 18 days before the mayoral election. The video has incurred criticism that the government might not be able to keep the administrative neutrality.

Chang Jiaxing(張家興), the director of the Kaohsiung Government Information Office, clarified that they started the filming project at the beginning of 2018 and it took them six months to produce, emphasizing that it’s nothing about the election. However, Kaohsiung City Government also commented that this video shows the value of Kaohsiung, and it can prove that Kaohsiung is not “old and poor”.

“Kaohsiung Style” was produced by Kaohsiung City Government and the team that has taken the music video of Mayday. They went to 41 popular spots in Kaohsiung, including i-Ride Experience Center, the center of Old Fongshan City History, and the Hamasen slide. The video featured the people and the view of Kaohsiung, symbolizing the emergence of the city and the residents.

Nevertheless, releasing the video during the election time still caused concerns for administrative neutrality. Chang Jiaxing emphasized that it was jus a coincidence. He also said that the video production cost less than 2 million dollars and the project firmly followed the regulations of the Government Procurement Act.