The thing Locals in Tainan never do: lining up from 3 AM just for beef soup

By Joyce Weng

Tainan, a historic city in Southern Taiwan, is known for its good food. When you visit Tainan, you would never miss the famed beef noodle soup – ender chunks of braised beef, in a salty dark broth. This is why it’s not hard to see the crowd lining up in Tainan. Yes, tourists are willing to get up at 3 AM and spend hours waiting, just for a bowl of beef soup.

Here’s the picture showing people lining up fin front of the popular beef soup house. The long queue extends all the way down to the street, surprising and bewildering local Tainan residents: is it worth it?

This picture made a hit on social media. Some people shared the experience at the beef soup house, saying that they did line up from early morning in order to make sure they are able to taste the gourmet, others claimed that it usually took them nearly 2 hours waiting in line.

Nobody hates the beef soup in Tainan. However, locals in Taiwan think of the crowd as an unusual spectacle. “Why are the tourists are lining up for the restaurants that we don’t go?” Locals in Tainan wondered. It seems that local Tainan people have more options for beef soup in the pockets, and of course, they want to keep it low-key. Who loves to line up at 3 AM?