How could a little boy starve to death in Taiwan?

By Joyce Weng

A 2-year-old boy was found without vital signs by his mother in Taipei City on 9th November. The police found the boy in the locked restroom; his body was stiff but without any apparent trauma. However, the police said the boy was extremely emaciated, way thinner than other 2-year-old children. Although his mother argues that she didn’t abuse the boy, the police still noticed the Department of Social Welfare. The woman and his boyfriend are now under interrogation.

The boy’s mother, Lin, is a 20-year-old woman who works at a hostess bar in Zhongshan district, and she is living with her son and boyfriend. The dead boy was so emaciated that the police suspected that he might have been suffered from malnutrition for a long time. Also, Lin’s another younger daughter was found dead recently in the south of Taiwan.

Lin stated that the boy didn’t have a good appetite from 6 months ago, and she brought the boy to the hospital and failed to find and reasons why he didn’t want to eat. She insisted that she has never abused her son. Lin’s boyfriend, Hsiao, said that he is not in charge of taking care of the boy, so he didn’t know how the accident happened.

Lin and Hsiao moved to Taipei City months ago, so the Taipei City center for prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault had not been noticed the case. And the neighbors of Lin and Hsiao said they didn’t even know there was a child lived there since they are not familiar with  Lin and Hsiao. Now the couple is under interrogation.