Famous master of glove puppetry showed his support to Han Kuo-yu

By Tsai Shan-ling

Glove puppetry(布袋戲) is very popular in Taiwan and among all the Chinese-speaking countries. You can still watch it in all forms of media such as TV, movies, internet and video games.

Now this important cultural symbol even appeared in Taiwanese municipal elections. Huang Jun-Xiong(黃俊雄), a very famous master of glove puppetry in Taiwan, led a performance in the Guangying Temple Square in Kaohsiung on 9th November.

In the 1970s, Scholarly Warrior(雲州大儒俠史豔文), produced by Huang Jun-Xiong, created a blast and received record high TV ratings in Taiwan. Now Huang used this classic character to show his support to the one who he believes can bring a better future for Kaohsiung.

This performance aimed to campaign for Han Kuo-yu(韓國瑜), KMT Kaohsiungmayoral candidate in Taiwanese municipal elections.More than 5,000 supporters attended this campaign rally, shouting for “a better economic prosperity” for Kaohsiung.

“Mr. Huang is already 86 years old. I am very touched here today. Mr. Huang Jun-Xiong is definitely the most famous master in Taiwan when we talking about glove puppetry in Taiwan”, said Han Kuo-yu.