Taipei mayoral election – Is Ko Wen-je over the hill?

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je and his wife Peggy Chen visited local market.

By Joyce Weng

Taipei, Nov. 15-Ko Wen-je (柯文哲), who has no political background, won the Taipei mayoral election four years ago with 853,983 votes. But many people are questioning that if Ko could continue in office this time since the opinion poll showed that he is not leading too much over other mayoral candidates.

As an untraditional politician, Ko Wen-je is known by the nickname “Ko-P.” He had gained a lot of supporters at first and had successfully taken office four years ago. Also, he has been flagged by some media outlets as a possible presidential candidate. However, both DPP and KMT think he would struggle to take the post with the backing of a major party because he is not taking the enemy seriously. 

Rosalia Wu (吳思瑤), a member of Legislative Yuan of DPP, criticized that Ko Wen-je is not well-prepared for the election since his team is not professional enough. Besides, he lost the support of DPP, and it is making the election harder for Ko. 

Lee yen shiu (李彥秀 ), a member of Legislative Yuan of KMT, also described the Ko’s situation as the bloom is off the rose. She mentioned that the supporters did not see Ko really doing anything in the past four years. She stated that Taipei city hall has plagued with talent drought since Ko was elected, indicating that Ko is not willing to accept professional advice. Also, Ko once went to Shanghai at a time of tense cross-strait relations, likening Taiwanese and Chinese people to one family. This made his political position very unclear, making it harder for Ko to win the election.