Diabetes kills 1 person every 8 seconds, but could be better prevented: Eoneay

In addition to recruiting doctors from top medical institutions, the Eoneay Health Maintenance Center provides various integrated medical services that help VIPs develop healthy habits at an early stage.

TAIPEI, Taiwan (The China Post) — Diabetes kills one person every eight seconds and afflicts millions of people around the world. In Taiwan, the number of people with diabetes has reached 2.3 million and continues to grow, even though a recent study from the Diabetes Prevention Program indicates that you can lower the risk of diabetes by proper exercise.

Most people with diabetes don’t know that their body is fighting a quiet war against an essential hormone: insulin. This conflict, called insulin resistance, is a hallmark of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Although the reason some people fail to respond properly to pancreatic hormone remains something of a mystery, there are ways to make the body more receptive to insulin, which can help prevent or ameliorate your condition.

Among other highlights, a balanced diet, regular exercise and weight control are essential factors to help control diabetes and avoid complications. Dong Cheng-da (董政達), director of the Eoneay Health Maintenance Center (永越健康管理中心), stressed the importance of prevention for diabetes, adding that proper prevention starts with medical monitoring and a healthy lifestyle.  

Eoneay Health Maintenance Center, which recruits medical personnel from leading medical centers, has built a strong medical monitoring team with senior physicians that have a clear grasp of health concerns for you and your family.

Eoneay Health Maintenance Center is the first medical institution in Taiwan to combine medical monitoring with five-star hotel services in a high-end facility. The medical center uses data collected over the past 14 years to analyze your condition so that they can precisely predict your potential level of insulin resistance.

Also, Eoneay Health Maintenance Center provides customized medical services for patients needing to rebuilding muscle and cutting fat, helping them to not only discover their medical condition in the early stage and, therefore, lower the risks of diabetes in the future.