GOLDEN HORSE: ‘An Elephant Sitting Still’ wins top prize

"An Elephant Sitting Still“ | Peng Yuchang, Zhang Yu | © Hu Bo

Taipei, Nov. 18-”An Elephant Sitting Still” (Chinese: 大象席地而坐) , a Chinese film written, directed and edited by Hu Bo, wins The Best Feature Film of the 55th Golden Horse Awards.

The film, whose young Chinese filmmaker, Hu Bo (胡波) , committed suicide last October at age 29, soon after finishing his film. Hu’s mother, Chu Yanhua (楚延華), took the prize with film crew, saying that “I am excited. I want to thank the judges and audience again.”

Hu Bo, the director of “An Elephant Sitting Still”

“An Elephant Sitting Still” is Hu’s first feature. Over the course of nearly four hours, it’s revolving around four characters trying to escape from their small-town life, each in a terrible situation.

Influenced by European art house icons such as Krzysztof Kieślowski and Béla Tarr… Elephant… provides proof of Hu’s promise as a thoughtful filmmaker. The movie stands as a memorial to a young talent who burned out too soon. – Clarence Tsui, The Hollywood Reporter