Taipei 101 to host jazz night party on New Year’s Eve

Taiwan: View on 'Taipei 101' Tower in Xinyi District, Taipei. | usage worldwide Photo by: Daniel Kalker/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Taipei, Nov. 26 (CNA) The iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper will host a “#Party101 Jazz Night Lounge Party” in the building’s office lobby area on the first floor on New Year’s Eve this year for the first time ever.

In addition to jazz band performances, virtual reality games and photo sticker machines, there will be hundreds of bottles of whiskey, thousands of bottles of craft beer, soft drinks and various light refreshments for party-goers to enjoy.

The party will be limited to 1,010 patrons, of which 500 can pay extra to go up to the building’s viewing platform to enjoy the view of the night’s fireworks. Tickets are scheduled to be available for purchase on Dec. 1.

Also, showcased on New Year’s Eve will be the skyscraper’s annual fireworks show, which this year will feature 16,000 firework rounds and an LED lighting system, “T-Pad,” measuring 100.8 by 168 meters, on the building’s north side.