Taiwanese Fried Chicken Launches NYC

TKK Fried Chicken in New York (Photo by Joyce Weng)

New York (The China Post) — TKK International Inc., a famous fried chicken brand from Taiwan, opened the first location in New York City this week. The chain has 66 locations in Taiwan, and locations in China. This new NYC space will be located on 23 Street in NYC, in collaboration with the bubble tea shop Kung Fu Tea.

On the grand opening day on 30th November, there was a long line for the Taiwanese fried chicken since the brand offered a free drink for the first three days to anyone who buys a combo meal and the first 50 people on Saturday will get “free combo meals once a month for a year.”

Different from American fried chicken, TKK offers crispy chickens that come with various side dishes and a biscuit. Also, Kung Fu Tea’s delicious bubble teas are available. The combination of Taiwanese fried chicken with bubble tea is really perfect for a lot of Asian consumers in New York. And you can see most of the people in the store were satisfied with the Taiwanese style fried chicken.

Although some of the customers were slightly disappointed because they did not offer the sweet potato fries as they do in Taiwan, TKK showed the authenticity in flavors and textures. Also, TKK has demonstrated its exceptional value as a fried chicken brand, as well as its potential significance among its future US consumers.

— Joyce Weng | Special to The China Post