The Jewel on the Horizon is trying to save the earth

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Xiao Liuqiu (中文:小琉球) , an island called the Jewel on the Horizon, is trying to save the earth. Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) put ten public water dispensers into use on Xiao Liuqiu. In less than a month, 10 public water dispensers on the island have saved a total of more than 100,000 600ml PET bottles.

The water dispensers were installed at nine public places across the island, including Baisha Tourist Harbor, tourist attractions, shuttle boat waiting areas, and Inspection Offices. There’s also a QR code for easy access to a map of the 10 water dispensers. By scanning the QR code, the tourists can get the information about their water quality inspections. Additionally, each of the public water dispensers has a real-time counter to show how many PET bottles the machine has saved. 

“If Taiwan is Asia’s best-kept travel secret, then Xiao Liuqiu is definitely Taiwan’s best kept travel secret,” says Joshua Samuel Brown, co-author of two editions of the Lonely Planet Taiwan guidebook and editor of Taiwan Scene. Xiao Liuqiu is also the only island formed by coral reefs among Taiwan’s offshore islands. It has the world’s highest density of green sea turtles in its waters. This is why EPA is urging tourists to bring their own cups to help cut down on the use of one-time plastic wares while visiting the island and to protect its environment.

— Joyce Weng | Special to The China Post