Top 3 Instagrammable spots at Taichung World Flora Exposition

Taichung, one of Taiwan’s main cities, is enhancing its natural environment and landscape by hosting the 2018 World Flora Expo.

TAICHUNG (The China Post) — Whether you enjoy superb coffee and food, you delight in exploring bookstores or museums, or you prefer to stay outside and get active, Taichung has a little something for everyone. 

The city also has a little something for everyone’s Instagram feed during the Taichung World Flora Exposition which runs until April 24, 2019. Here are the top three picture-perfect spots in the special municipality located on the western side of central Taiwan.

The international event has attracted more than 700,000 visitors since its opening earlier this month. The city was named Taiwan’s Most Liveable City by CNN in 2016 and Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍) has conducted several projects such as river improvement and old city renovation in recent years.

“We will show you how this expo is not simply a flower show but also a sustainable development of city with a harmonious balance between human and nature,” he said, adding that the exhibition is built under three main values: “Green” standing for green production and sharing; “Nature” highlighting the ecosystem, nature and the notion of coexistence; and “People” representing life, people and mutual good.

Accordingly, the exposition is divided in three areas. To begin with, the “Waipu Park Area” (外埔園區) includes “The Flower and Fruit Village” designed to present the very roots of agriculture by redefining five new agricultural values: “farmers,” “agriculture,” “countryside,” as well as the  “Agricultural Products” and “Processed Agricultural Products”. The area is meant to guide visitors in the process of learning the culture of “farming” and “food.”

Also, the “Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Expo Site” (后⾥⾺場森林園區), nicknamed the “Horse Ranch and Flower Paradise,” combines “horses” and “flowers” that breathe new life into the area and create a “horse and flower filled paradise” filled with “dynamic and serene forms of beauty.”

Last but not least, the “Fengyuan Huludun Park Expo Site” (豐原葫蘆墩公園) centers on the “Floral Metropolis by the Water” to highlight the traits of culture, water-friendliness and eco-friendliness, and reflect the local cultures.

“It’s really beautiful and quiet at night! I really feel relaxed with breeze and starry sky when I was taking a walk inside,” a local resident told The China Post. Another visitor added that the international event is a wonderful chance to have a short tour of Taichung wonders for the day.

— By San-Ling Tsai | Special to The China Post