Paris riots show difficulty of fighting warming with taxes

Paris riots show difficulty of fighting warming with taxes
FILE - In this Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2018 file photo, demonstrators stand at a makeshift barricade set up by the "yellow jackets" protesters to block the entrance of a fuel depot in Le Mans, western France. Even proponents of carbon taxes acknowledge that an increase in fuel taxes can disproportionally hurt low-income people. Energy costs make up a larger portion of their overall expenses, so a fuel price increase eats up more of their paycheck and leaves with less to spend. (AP Photo/David Vincent)

PARIS (AP) — The “yellow vests” in France are worrying greens around the world.

The worst riots in Paris in decades were sparked by higher fuel taxes, and French President Emmanuel Macron responded by scrapping them Wednesday.

But taxes on fossil fuels are just what international climate negotiators say are desperately needed to help wean the world off of fossil fuels and slow climate change.

Macron says he is trying to prevent the end of the world, but protesters say they’re just trying to make it to the end of the month.

It’s not just France. People in India, Mexico and Indonesia have protested higher fuel prices in recent years.

The anger highlights how difficult it can be to discourage fossil fuel consumption by raising prices.