The Beauty of Kaohsiung-Neiweipi Cultural Park

The Neiweipi Cultural Park is situated in the northwestern part of Kaohsiung City, within the original area of Neiweipi.

KAOHSIUNG (The China Post) — Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts(高雄市立美術館) is the third pubic arts museum in Taiwan. It locates in Gushan District of Kaohsiung and it was originally a Neiweipi wetland filled with irrigation ponds.

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, a part of the Neiweipi Cultural Park (內惟埤文化園區), which occupies about 40 hectares.

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts is a part of the Neiweipi Cultural Park (內惟埤文化園區). The main purpose of this museum is to focus on domestic perspectives and ecological aesthetics,encompassing the latest of modern thinking in areas like native history, community consciousness, and an emphasis on environmental landscaping.

Neiweipi Cultural Park provides the citizens with an artistic, cultural, recreational, ecological, and educational living park area.

There are many rooms in the museum to show the works of Taiwanese artists, including a four-floor-high sculpture room. Artists from the south and indigenous artists are frequently featured, such as Chinese brush painting, Chinese calligraphy, watercolor or oil paintings, sculpture, and photo collections.

Modern museums also aspire to give children richer and more diverse lives because museums provide learning exhibits and spaces so that they might attract a great number of families with children. Instead of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, there is also an affiliated “Children’s Art Museum” in Neiweipi Cultural Park, which was opened in 2005 and emphasized on child art education and active learning.

Neiweipi Cultural Park possesses the joint of the mountains and the rivers, and remains the precious characters of wetland.

As the first public art museum for kids in Taiwan,”Children’s Art Museum” provides children a place for more discovery, exploration and experience art. At Outdoor Sandpit(戶外沙坑區), children not only play sand and games, but also develop their creativity and imagination. Footprint Garden Maze (腳印迷宮花園) is a secret garden that children can also play treasure hunt or hide-and-seek with their parents. Furthermore, the courtyard(中庭) is also a semi-open space which enables children to experience art directly and interact with art works.

— By San-Ling Tsai | Special to The China Post