Winter’s first continental cold air mass to hit Taiwan

Dry and cool weather is expected to continue in Taiwan on Tuesday under the influence of a continental air mass, and day-night temperature differences are expected to remain wide, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

TAIPEI (CNA) – The first continental cold air mass for this winter will arrive in Taiwan Sunday afternoon, with temperatures as low as 12 degrees Celsius expected in northern regions early next week, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said.

On Monday, the mercury will drop significantly in northern Taiwan as well as in Yilan and Hualien and bring cold temperatures at night and in the early morning to central and southern Taiwan as well as Taitung in the east, the bureau said.

In the early morning of Tuesday, temperatures are forecast to dip to 12-13 degrees in northern and northeastern Taiwan, 14-15 degrees in the central parts of the island and Hualien, and 16 degrees in the south and Taitung, according to the CWB.

The weather will warm up later in the day on Tuesday and Wednesday, with temperatures expected to reach over 20 degrees, the bureau said.

By Wang Shu-fen and Y.F. Low