Which Asian country has the most public holidays in a year?

NEW DELHI (DataLEADS/ANN) – Cambodia enjoys most holidays whereas Singapore has the least number of mandatory holidays. All around the world, there are many non-working days which are set aside in lieu of political, cultural and religious events related to that country.

In Asia, Cambodia enjoys the greatest number of non-working days with 28 public holidays in a year, according to date collected by the World Atlas. The country uses the traditional Khmer calendar for the Buddhist holidays and syncs it with the solar calendar for other business holidays.

The second spot for the greatest number of holidays is shared by Sri Lanka. The country has around 25 public holidays in a year.

India has the third highest number of holidays in Asia with 21 public holidays every year. The holiday calendar is quite diverse based on multi-religious and multi-cultural population across the country.

The Philippines is at the fourth spot with 18 public holidays a year. Some of the most significant holidays of the year are New Year’s Eve, Independence Day and Holy Week. It is followed by China with 17 holidays a year, the significant one being the Dragon Boat Festival, Lantern Festival and National Day.

Thailand and Pakistan each have 16 holidays per year followed by Japan and Malaysia with 15 holidays each. Indonesia has 14 public holidays in a year.

South Korea has 13 Public holidays in a year. Non-working days in South Korea are known as red days only because those days are marked in red on the calendar.