Gamania expedition team successfully reaches the South Pole

The Gamania expedition team successfully made it to the South Pole on Dec. 22, marking history as the first Asian team ever doing so through off-road skiing. (NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Just on time for Christmas, Taiwan’s Antarctica expedition team reached the South Pole on Dec. 22, the first time ever for any explorers from the region.

The team members had been pushing through their goal for several weeks under extreme weather conditions ranging from temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celsius, to wild blizzards and severe storms on the Antarctica plateau.

Still, they arrived at 6 p.m. on Dec. 22 (Chile time) to the “bottom of the Earth” sound and safe, accomplishing a 350-km-long historic journey to the southernmost continent.

“South Pole! We finally made it! Writing the history of Taiwan!” said Albert Liu, the founder of Gamania Cheer Up Foundation, during a live streaming session from Antarctica on Dec. 24.

“We are camping at a spot that is only one kilometer away from the South Pole. We all just recovered from our extremely exhausting journey and are very excited to carry out this challenging adventure.”

The Geographic South Pole is seen on this picture taken on Monday, Dec. 24, 2018. The polar ice sheet is moving at a rate of roughly 10 meters per year, meaning that the position of the station and other artificial features relative to the geographic pole gradually shift over time. (NOWnews)

The team had encountered countless unexpected challenges during the expedition. The storms that unfolded one after another and various problems with their food supply forced them to take the shorter, but more challenging, “Antarctic Plateau Route.”

The team consists of five members, including Albert Liu, founder and CEO of Gamania, Tommy Chen, Taiwan’s ultra-marathon runner, famous actor Chris Wang, and Sherry Lin and Gary Wu, two 20-year-old members of Big Dream Youth, as well as award-winning Director Yang Li-chou, who recorded the team’s extraordinary journey.

This year Gamania is doing particularly good in terms of business revenue; its third-quarter earnings exceed NT$10 billions and the whole business group is carrying out its key business plans. Although Liu was out of the country, he was supervising and running his business with the help of “teamup!” – the business managing app that the company plans to release next year.

Founder and CEO of Gamania, the first Taiwanese digital entertainment corporation to expand globally. (NOWnews)

“I want to show young people that even a middle-aged guy like me can conquer the South Pole. I often tell team members that a polar expedition is like any business accomplishment; it takes an enormous amount of planning and some real actions, but once it’s accomplished, the joy and sense of fulfillment is indescribable,” said the CEO who was once the youngest CEO of a major IT company in Taiwan’s history.

“Don’t just do what others think you should do. Do it for your passion and dreams so that no matter how many challenges you have to go through, you will succeed, seize the right opportunities, and write amazing chapters of your life,” he added. It is the most important lesson that Liu wishes you to learn from this expedition.

By Nora Chang