Wang Leehom warms up New Year’s Day with ‘Free Show’ | 萬粉絲元旦擠爆王力宏《福利秀》

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Acclaimed Mandopop singer Wang Leehom (王力宏) held his annual “Free Show” at Daan Forest Park in downtown Taipei on Jan.1, thanking his fans with an intimate concert where his musical journey once started.

金曲歌王王力宏每年1/1都自掏腰包,舉辦免費的《福利秀》(Free Show)演唱會慰勞粉絲,今(2019)年則回到他音樂發源地台灣,選在大安森林公園開唱,用意是開放空間造福更多粉絲。

During the event, he announced that he is going to perform at Taipei Arena on June 8, as part of his “Descendants of the Dragon, 2060” world tour in Asia with tickets starting to sell on Jan. 26.


Wang performed many of his hit songs during his performance, including “Revolution,” “Impossible to Miss You,”  and “The One and Only.”  (NOWnews) 王力宏在現場表演他眾多金曲,包含〈公轉自轉〉〈不可能錯過你〉〈唯一〉等。

Even though it was rainy and cold during the New Year’s holidays, more than 10,000 fans gathered at Daan Forest Park to enjoy Wang’s lyrical yet diverse musical style including his beloved wife Wang Jinglei.


During 2.5 hours, Wang sang 23 songs both in Chinese and English without interruption, including big hits such as “Revolution ” and “Impossible to Miss You,” and “The One and Only.”


He also performed Grammy-nominated song “Shallow” (from “A Star Is Born”), as well as “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and “You Raise Me Up,” paying tribute to his fans for their long support and summing up all his best moments in his music career spanning 25 years.

而不只是主打歌,他還選唱了電影《一個巨星的誕生》葛萊美獎提名單曲〈Shallow〉、紅髮艾德〈Perfect〉、以及世界名曲〈You Raise Me Up〉,感謝粉絲不離不棄的支持,完整濃縮了王力宏25年的音樂歲月。

Crowds of fans and celebrities showed up to enjoy Wang’s ‘Free Show’. (NOWnews) 眾多粉絲和藝人都前來觀賞王力宏的《福利秀》。

More than a thousand foreign fans from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, and across China were also in attendance, many of whom even set up tents and enjoyed picnicking with friends while listening to the music.


In addition, Wang’s wife and celebrities ranging from Janet Hsieh and her husband George Young to Wang Chi-ping and Chen Chien-chou also showed up to watch the performance.


Chinese-American singer-songwriter Wang Leehom held his annual free concert at Daan Forest Park this year, announcing that he will be performing at Taipei Arena as part of his “Descendants of the Dragon, 2060” world tour in June. (NOWnews) 王力宏在大安森林公園舉辦他年度的《福利秀》,並宣布他將在今年六月於台北小巨蛋開唱巡演《龍的傳人2060》。

Translated By Nora Chang | 記者翁新涵 / 台北報導

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