Alex Lawther takes the lead in ‘Old Boys’ | 《初戀手作中》 英國小鮮肉亞歷克斯勞瑟宅宅來台

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Alex Lawther took the world by storm with his role in “The End of the F***ing World,” grabbing numerous fans’ hearts with his artistic performance. Most people don’t know but the young actor also visited Taiwan in 2013 to shoot “X+Y;” and he was highly impressed by Taiwanese foods, especially stinky tofu whose taste made quite an impression.

英國小鮮肉亞歷克斯勞瑟(Alex Lawther)以《去X的世界末日》走紅全球,文青形象累積不少粉絲,其實他早在2013年就曾來台灣拍攝電影《X+Y 愛的方程式》(X+Y),並對台灣美食印象深刻,尤其臭豆腐味道至今讓他「無法忘懷」。

Alex Lawther is quite a notable, attractive young lad in England. (AP photo) | 亞歷克斯勞瑟是英國相當受注目的小鮮肉。(圖/美聯社)

Lawther spent around one week here to shoot “X+Y” and he had a chance to sample stinky tofu at a local night market with the crew. Asked about his first impressions, he implicitly said: “It was really special; I still can’t forget about it even after five years.” Another Taiwan food that made a lasting impression was “fried dumplings”; he enjoyed them for several meals in a row!

亞歷克斯勞瑟當初來台拍攝《X+Y 愛的方程式》一個多星期,期間也抽空逛了夜市,並被工作人員帶去挑戰臭豆腐,有趣的是,當他被問到好不好吃時,則含蓄表示:「很特別,過了5年我還無法忘懷那個味道。」而台灣食物最讓他驚豔的是鍋貼,他還連吃了好幾餐。

Excited about the fact that his new movie, “Old Boys,” will be released soon, Lawther said that he hopes to visit Taiwan again in the future. There was a typhoon during his last stay, so he could only stay at a cafe and read during break time, which was quite a pity.

他也對新片《初戀手作中》(Old Boys)即將在台上映感到相當興奮,並透過經紀公司表示,希望還能再來台灣走走,因為上次來台正好遇到颱風,即使休假也只能待在咖啡廳看書,讓他大呼可惜。

Strangely enough, he had never come across typhoons before and he thought that Taipei was beautiful and fascinating in the heavy rain. “It was like heaven,” he said. Lawther also thinks people in Taipei look modern and stylish and he would love to visit Taiwan countryside next time. What a cool lad!


Alex Lawther’s new movie “Old Boys” will be out in Taiwan soon. (Photo courtesy of Encore Film) | 亞歷克斯勞瑟(右)新片《初戀手作中》即將在台上映。(圖/安可電影提供)

Adapted from the French classic “Cyrano de Bergerac,” “Old Boys” centers on Amberson, an introvert, artistic boy who falls in love at first sight with the daughter of his French teacher, Agnes. Yet, the latter has a crush on the school’s hero, Winchester, who asks Amberson to pull a few strings for him to date Agnes.


Amberson successfully helps Winchester win Agnes’ heart with his nerdy yet useful literary skills. Will Agnes fall for Anderson when the truth is revealed? Find out on Jan. 4 in theatres around Taiwan!


Translated By Nora Chang | 記者翁新涵 / 綜合報導

Original story: 英國新男神來台拍電影 讚嘆下大雨的台北「好像天堂」