Friendship in life as in work in ‘Take Point’ | 《末日倒數》戲裡戲外好戰友


TAIPEI (The China Post) – Korean movie star Ha Jung-woo and director Kim Byung-woo visited Taiwan on Jan. 2 for the release of “Take Point,” an action thriller about elite mercenaries embarking on a secret CIA mission to abduct North Korea’s Armed Forces Minister in an underground bunker below the Korean Demilitarized Zone.


The film was their second collaboration after “The Terror Live” (2013) and the director believes that they had “better chemistry” this time. “I used to put my thoughts in plain words before filming; now it only takes one or two sentences for him to deliver,” he said about Ha, which he described as a “hard-working actor.”


Most of the movie is in English, so there is little wonder that Ha faced many challenges too. “Everything was quite hard for me as it wasn’t my mother tongue. I did a lot of preparation and I put a tremendous amount of effort on pronunciation during recordings,” he said after careful consideration.


Director Kim Byung-woo and the two movie stars share some interesting stories with Taiwan moviegoers. (NOWnews) 導演金秉祐和兩位演員和台灣觀眾分享有趣的幕後花絮。(圖/記者林柏年攝)

Asked about the toughest scenes to film, ha admitted that parachuting was the most challenging. “It was highly time-consuming because I had to do wire flying and I couldn’t control my movements. I worked extremely hard with the martial arts director to finally finish the shooting.”


Ha Jung-woo made a name for himself in Asia with “Along with the Gods”– a sequel about three grim reapers escorting a man to the afterlife. He chose “Take Point” as his next work for its unique story and filming technique. “I made a promise to Kim that we would work together again after our previous film. And we worked well together,” said Ha.

河正宇以《與神同行》打開亞洲知名度,片情講述三個死神護送一名消防員前往陰間的故事。他選擇《90分鐘末日倒數》 作為他下一部作品是因為以前沒有這樣的故事還有導演獨特的拍攝手法。他表示:「在《恐怖攻擊直播》後,我們(指跟導演)就講過要再一起合作的口頭約定,而且我們合作得很好。」

The duo often went for a drink with Lee Sun Kyun after shooting and they unveiled that they have a different take on alcohol after a few drinks. Ha let the cat out of the bag first and said that he would usually leave before 11 p.m. because he would feel sleepy.


Ha Jung-woo and Lee Sun-kyun promote their new movie “Take Point” during an event held on Jan. 2 in Taiwan. (NOWnews) 河正宇和李善均來台宣傳新電影《90分鐘末日倒數》。(圖/記者林柏年攝)

The director, therefore, called him “Cinderella,” a nicknamed that Ha doesn’t appreciate so he unveiled another story: “Kim disappeared once after a few drinks; I found him asleep afterwards in the driver’s seat,” he went on. “That scene was so shocking that I could not forget about it,” he concluded with a laugh.

導演就虧:「他是仙杜瑞拉。」河正宇回擊反爆導演的料:「有一次導演喝酒喝到不見,我才發現他吐完坐在駕駛座睡著了,那畫面好衝擊,讓我忘不掉。」 說完就笑了起來。

Translated By Nora Chang | 記者陳雅蘭/台北報導

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