Netflix's 'Sex Education' is a trans-Atlantic love letter

Netflix's 'Sex Education' is a trans-Atlantic love letter
This image released by Netflix shows Asa Butterfield, left, and Gillian Anderson in a scene from "Sex Education." (Sam Taylor/Netflix via AP)

NEW YORK (AP) — Among the bumper crop of original series debuting this month on Netflix is one that’s both a time warp and a trans-Atlantic hug.

It’s called “Sex Education” and it’s like a classic John Hughes high school comedy bloomed in the United Kingdom.

Gillian Anderson, one of its stars, calls it “a contemporary British love letter to American high school films.”

Anderson and Asa Butterfield play mother and son, each exploring the contemporary sexual landscape. And the real landscape for this often frank discussion of sexuality is, well, not specific.

The first season was shot mostly in Wales. And while the actors have English accents, they throw around American footballs, wear letter jackets and plan for prom. The soundtrack is rich in 1980s songs, from The Smiths to Billy Idol.