LAS VEGAS (AP) — CES is the place startups and established tech giants alike go to unveil their latest tech gizmos.

美國最大國際消費性電子展CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 是每年新創公司以及科技大廠展示年度最新產品的好去處。

So what are 181-year-old stalwarts like John Deere and Procter & Gamble doing at the world’s largest technology show?

那麼像強鹿(John Deere)和寶鹼(P&G)這樣已有181歷史的公司去那裡做什麼呢?

These two companies are first-time exhibitors, along with missile-maker Raytheon, outdoorsy retailer The North Face and the 115-year-old motorcycling icon Harley-Davidson. John Deere, for instance, has computer-vision technology to track the quality of grain coming into a combine harvester so that its kernel-separating settings can be adjusted automatically.


The four-day show opens in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Gary Shapiro, CEO of CES organizer Consumer Technology Association, says every company is a technology company these days.

四天的展期從昨(9)日開始於拉斯維加斯進行。美國消費電子協會執行長Gary Shapiro則表示:「現在幾乎每個公司都是科技公司。」

Translated by Nora Chang | 美聯社拉斯維加斯報導