TAIPEI (The China Post) – January is without a doubt a month-long art fiesta in Taipei. Aside from the long-awaited Taipei Dangdai, a new international art fair, there will be the first edition of the “Art Future and One Art Taipei” – a hotel expo through which top-notch galleries, as well as leading artists from around the globe, can participate in “Taipei Art Week.” 

這個月無疑是個熱鬧的藝文嘉年華會,有萬眾期待的第一屆台北當代藝博之外,ART FUTURE和ONE ART TAIPEI飯店博覽也一同進行,來自世界各地一流藝廊及重量級藝文人士將紛紛抵達台北,整個城市無疑就是『藝術週』。  

Art shall be as simple as flower-buying | 藝術應該像買一束花一樣簡單美好  

French artist Flavian Couche, who was born in Paris in 1981, is the epitome of modern young French artists. He has received classical training in a local art school and cooperated with the galleries in Paris. However, he does not like the confinement of being told what to create, so he left the city and went to the countryside to allow his creativity to flow. 

法國藝術家Flavian Couche,1981出生於巴黎,是一個現在年輕法國藝術家的縮影;受過藝術學院正統訓練,畢業後也和巴黎的藝廊合作,但由於不喜歡被限制,而離開了城市到鄉下開始進行創作。 

“My inspiration comes from my desires mainly, as well as the joy that painting and creation gives me. My tempo of creating is highly linked with my inner state so I would not seek it intentionally when it’s not there. Creating without a sense of purpose or belief is like eating when you’re not hungry, is an act of void and even if it’s accomplished you could feel the emptiness,” Flavian said. 


British artist Wesley Smith and his artwork. 藝術家Wesley Smith  (右圖) 作品。

Art reflects your desires and satisfies what you need | 藝術反應了你的渴望,補足了你的需求  

British artist Wesley Smith talks otherwise about his work, “I will do a lot of research before I start painting, no matter it’s the drafts or inspecting into light and colors, so you will notice the fineness in my works. Yet what I love the most is the state when I think nothing and just paint without scruples, not much thinking is needed and only creating is involved. This is the moment that I treasure the most.”  

英國藝術家Wesley Smith則這樣聊他的作品:『你可以看到我的作品很精細仔細,因為在畫之前我會做很多的研究,不管是草稿還是去考察那些光與顏色。但在整張畫裡,我最喜歡的部份卻是我放空時,筆觸大膽下筆時的那個狀態,不需過多思考,勇敢的大力揮灑筆觸;這是我很珍惜的時刻。』

US born Taiwanese artist Ma Chung-Chi and his art work. 美國台裔藝術家馬中期(右圖)作品。

Art needs to be sincere to move people | 藝術必須誠實,才能感動人心  

Ma Chung-Chi, a Taiwanese artist who was born and grew up in the U.S., possesses a strong interest towards Chinese culture. From his work you will discover a touch of graffiti style and the concept of “Zen,” just like his background, which contains both eastern and western concepts. 


“In my paintings, I try to depict the perception of human-beings through peculiar monsters, focusing on human emotions and desires while at the same time bringing audience’s view into the multi-dimensional time and space. Self-completion as the final goal for human-being is among the themes as well,” said Ma. 


Floor 8 Contemporary Art Space. 8樓藝術空間。

If you are interested in the artists’ works, please feel free to visit “Floor 8 Contemporary Art Space,” one of the galleries that take part in Art Future exhibition, to enjoy the artwork together between Jan. 18 and 20 for Art Future. 

對藝術家們有興趣的朋友歡迎1月18日至1月20日的 ART FUTURE賦樂旅居裡的8樓藝術空間前來欣賞作品。

By Nora Chang