TAIPEI (The China Post) – The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre has launched the PAN Cancer trial for Early Detection of Cancer in Breath in collaboration with Owlstone Medical to test their Breath Biopsy technology. This is the first test of this kind to investigate multiple cancer types. 

英國劍橋癌症研究中心日前與英國生物技術公司Owlstone Medical共同推出「呼吸切片檢查法」臨床試驗,預期透過呼吸活檢來偵測早期癌症病發。這也是有史以來第一次多項癌症疾病得以透過呼吸方式作篩檢。 

The cancer breath test has huge potential to provide a non-invasive look into what’s happening in the body and could help to find cancer early when treatment is more likely to be effective. 


The researchers will collect samples from 1,500 people, including healthy people as trial controls, to analyze odorous molecules called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the breath to see if they can detect signals of different cancer types. 


The clinical trial will start with patients with suspected esophageal and stomach cancers and then expand to prostate, kidney, bladder, liver and pancreatic cancers in the coming months. 


By looking across cancer types, this trial will help unpick if cancer signals are similar or different, and how early it’s possible to pick these signals up. Some people will go on to be diagnosed with cancer, and their samples will be compared to those who don’t develop the disease. 


Billy Boyle, co-founder and CEO at Owlstone Medical, said: “There is increasing potential for breath-based tests to aid diagnosis, sitting alongside blood and urine tests in an effort to help doctors detect and treat disease. The concept of providing a whole-body snapshot in a completely non-invasive way is very powerful and could reduce harm by sparing patients from more invasive tests that they don’t need.” 

「現在呼吸活檢的檢測方式有很大的潛力能夠和抽血、驗尿一起幫助診斷。這樣子的非侵入式全面性篩檢概念是非常值得期待的,它能大幅減輕侵入性檢測為患者所帶來的疼痛及不便。」Owlstone Medical 的創辦人兼執行長Billy Boyle表示。 

Recognizing the importance of early detection in improving cancer survival, Cancer Research UK has made research into this area one of its top priorities and will invest more than £20 million a year in early detection research by 2019. 

瞭解癌症早期發現及治療的重要性,英國癌症研究中心已將此項研究列為今年首要研究之一並投入兩千萬歐元的經費於研究中。 Story has been edited for length and content, for original story, please visit Cancer Research UK. 

Researchers have launched a clinical trial to develop a breath test, analyzing molecules that could indicate the presence of cancer at an early stage.  


By Nora Chang