TAIPEI (The China Post) – Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) and his Cabinet members were sworn into office on June 14, including ten new Cabinet members who joined after the reshuffle, and another two-thirds who stayed in their posts.

新任行政院長蘇貞昌今(14)日上任,內閣改組名單中有10位新閣員加 入,其他2/3閣員都是留任或回鍋。

In this regard, former KMT legislator Sun Ta-chien (孫大千) remarked that except for the vice-premier, the secretary-general and the transportation minister, most Cabinet members belong to the previous government, making him conclude that “this is truly a ‘fantastic’ Cabinet reorganization!”

對此,國民黨前立委孫大千表示,名 為「改組」實際上大部分的閣員都被留任,除了閣揆、副閣揆、秘書長和 交通部長以外,幾乎全部都是老班底,「這真的是一次『奇妙的』內閣改 組!」

The new Cabinet members include Vice-Premier Chen Chi-mai, the former spokesperson of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who was defeated in Kaohsiung’s mayoral elections, and Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-long, the former Taichung mayor who failed in his re-election bid. There is, therefore, little wonder that the new government is called the “defeated alliance,” according to Chen.

蘇貞昌內閣將在今日交接上任,其中,在高雄市長落敗的民進黨前立委陳 其邁接副閣揆,競選連任失敗的前台中市長林佳龍也將擔任交通部長,遭 外界戲稱是「敗選者聯盟」。

In addition, most of the ministers and heads of government agencies have remained in their posts, including Pan Wen-chung (潘文忠) who is the minister of education again. According to Sun, this will lead to further disenchantment with the ruling party at four levels.

此外,絕大多數部會首長和政務委員都獲得 留任,教育部長則由前任部長潘文忠回鍋。孫大千指出,這會讓外界引發四個不利的聯想。

To begin with, was the stinging defeat in the mayoral election the sole responsibility of Lai Ching-te? Was it all his fault? If this is not the case, how can the government show a renewed administrative performance if only a few members were replaced?

第一,民進黨執政失利的責任,都由前行政院長賴清德一個人扛下來了 嗎?所以,千錯萬錯都是賴清德的錯嗎?難道只要閣揆換人,政府就可以 展現令人耳目一新的行政績效嗎?

Secondly, Premier Su is now regarded as the “savior” and “all-in-one” political leader, so why would the ruling party support Lai Ching-te in the first place? Is it cynical and just an overstatement?

第二,現在如此的吹捧蘇貞昌,把他當成了「救世主」和「萬靈丹」,那 麼,之前全黨上下又為什麼要大力慰留賴清德呢?這不是非常虛偽而且矯情嗎?

Third, is the reason why most of the Cabinet members have remained in the Cabinet to maintain the distribution of interests among DPP factions? In other words, does it mean that most of the Cabinet members were actually decided by President Tsai? Is the authority of the new premier quite limited?

第三,內閣閣員之所以維持不變,是不是為了避免影響黨內既有的派系利 益分配呢?還是說,原本在內閣當中,大部分的人事都是由總統蔡英文決 定的,所以閣揆所擁有的人事任命權相當有限呢?

Fourth, is the Cabinet reshuffle just meant to give a new start to the unsuccessful party heavyweights who failed in their election bids?

第四,內閣改組的另一個功能,難道只是為了替落選的重量級地方首長, 找一個重新出發的舞台嗎?

Translated by DB | 記者葉滕騏 | 台北報導