Striking Greek state school teachers march through Athens

Striking Greek state school teachers march through Athens
Protesters chant slogans during a rally outside the parliament in Athens, Monday, Jan.14, 2019. Greek riot police have used tear gas to disperse rioting state schoolteachers, days after the country's public order minister criticized officers for allegedly using "indiscriminate" violence against protesting schoolteachers in similar circumstances. (AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis)

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Hundreds of striking Greek civil servants, mostly school teachers, are marching through central Athens to protest proposed new hiring criteria for state school teachers.

The left-wing Greek government has promised to hire 15,000 full-time teachers over the next three years, starting this fall.

But unions say the hiring system is unfairly weighted against teachers who have been working for years on short-time contracts. They also want more teachers to be hired.

The umbrella civil servants’ union, Adedy, has called a 24-hour public sector strike Thursday to back the teachers’ demands, although the walkout mainly affected schools.

Teachers have held two protest marches in Athens over the past week over the hiring plan that were both marred by clashes between some demonstrators and riot police.