TAIPEI (The China Post) – President Tsai Ing-Wen proudly stood up to the #10yearschallenge on Facebook on Jan. 17, posting two pictures from 2009 and 2019, side by side.

臉書近來吹起一股「十年挑戰」(#10yearschallenge)回顧風,總統蔡英文也跟上流行,昨(17)日晚間貼出了 2009 年與 2019 年的對比照片。

In the first picture, Tsai, then-chairwoman of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), was leading the 517 Protest to denounce the government’s alleged pro-China policies. Compared with the one that was taken ten years ago, Tsai has lost some weight and gained some expression wrinkles.

只見照片中,2009 年擔任民進黨主席的蔡英文,當時正帶領黨舉辦「517 嗆馬保台大遊行」,比較起 10 年後的照片,明顯可見蔡的身形消瘦了不少,臉上法令紋也加深。

As soon as the picture was released, it went viral and the post was flooded with friendly comments by netizens.


Tsai also left some cool messages under her post, writing “That’s it” or “Thumbs up for pro-independence.“


Numerous netizens also said: “She actually didn’t change much. The same firm look!” Another added, “I also have followed Ing-wen for ten years, witnessing that she always sticks to her principles.”

,許多網友則紛紛留言道:「其實沒變太多,眼神一樣堅定」、「我也追蹤了小英 10 年,見證了辣台妹一路走來始終如一!」。

Online media “OMGoose TW” also posted several pictures of Taiwan politicians for the #10yearschallenge which were extremely fun and brought some laughs.

網路媒體「老天鵝娛樂」昨天也 PO 出許多政治人物的「十年挑戰」對比照,令人看了噴飯!

Many have remained quite the same over the past ten years, such as Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je, Pasuya Yao, a member of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, and Premier Su Tseng-chang who took office earlier this week.


Others did change a lot, such as KMT chairman Wu Den-yih whose hair is now completely white. Lien Sheng-wen, a member of the Central Standing Committee of the Kuomintang, has also become much thinner, although his face didn’t change much.


As for Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai, you could tell time has left some marks on his face.