TAIPEI (The China Post) – Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲), announced plans on Jan. 18 to establish a new political party during a live broadcast with Internet celebrity “The Curator” (館長).


The announcement left many to wonder if Ko, also nicknamed Ko P for Professor Ko – his title at National Taiwan University, is considering joining the 2020 Presidential Election, even though he hasn’t made his decision public so far.

這番話讓外界不禁猜想,柯是有意想角逐2020 總統,而柯P至今仍未表態是否參選。

Asked about the mayor plans, Lee Yi-hsiu, a member of “Ko Fan” supporting group, pointed out that many supporters had the courage to “be themselves.” Despite Ko P’s victory, it has been very difficult to keep up the momentum to Chen Su-yu’s (陳思宇) campaign, Lee said, stressing that Ko P’s party could face the same challenge.

對於柯P組黨一事,「柯粉」李易修指出,許多柯粉都勇於做自己,導致柯P 雖然很用力拉抬陳思宇的聲勢,卻始終沒辦法拉起來,他認為,柯P若組黨也有這個可能性。

Speaking during the political show “The Year to Money” (年代向錢看) from Much TV, Lee explained that Mayor Ko’s popularity doesn’t attract votes to other candidates for all that, which is a major concern.


Despite Ko’s hard work to lift Chen’s campaign, the impact was limited, Lee said, adding that there could be no “spillover effect” of Ko’s popularity to others. An important question worth pondering.


Moreover, public sentiment towards the people around Ko P is not increasing so far, at the exception of Huang Ching Yin (黃瀞瑩) who gives the impression of being affiliated with Ko.


Ko P has worked very hard to keep up the momentum to Chen’s campaign in the Taipei by-election but to no avail. Any Ko P party would, therefore, face the same challenge.

所以導致柯 P 雖然很用力拉抬陳思宇的聲勢,卻始終沒有辦法拉起來,柯 P 組黨亦有此可能性。

According to Lee, the recent mayoral election has allowed Ko’s supporting group to understand a major problem: the mayor only won by a margin of 3,000 votes, meaning that “an election needs to be organized and it is very difficult to rely solely on the Internet if there is no supporting organization behind.”

李易修指出,台北市長選舉讓柯粉們發現一個很大的問題,柯文哲只贏 3千票,代表一件事,「選舉仍需要有組織,沒有組織,純靠網路聲量很困難」。

Groups capable of supporting a candidate usually belong to “political families” with a foothold on traditional districts, something that “Ko fan” reject, however.


Most of the young people supporting the mayor are “independent-minded,” something nobody believed when Ko first highlighted this contradiction.


Still, Lee believes that Ko Wen-je must rely on local forces to gather support beyond Taipei City, even though by doing so he would face more contradictions. “By supporting the candidates of various political families, Ko Fans will decline to vote, meaning that resolving this contradiction remains a major problem.”


Translated by BD | 編輯中心 | 綜合報導