TAIPEI (The China Post) – Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu unveiled on June 20 the full content of his interview with independent journalist Tsuyoshi Nojima from Japan following the election on Facebook.


Asked about the 1992 Consensus that caused a heated argument between the government and public, Han claimed that President Tsai Ing-wen is afraid of declaring independence yet she does not accept the “1992 consensus.”


“Well President Tsai, where should all the 2.3 million Taiwanese go?” Han asked.

那麼「請問蔡總統,到底台灣 2300 萬人要去哪裡?」

In addition to Han’s journey during the election, his relationship with Ko, and the 2020 presidential election, Tsuyoshi Nojima cut to the core on the issue of “1992 Consensus.”

而日本自由記者野島剛除了與韓國瑜訪談其參選的心路歷程、與柯文哲的關係、 2020 年總統大選等議題,更切入到了兩岸關係的核心「九二共識」。

“President Tsai Ing-wen recently urged Taiwan political parties to never mention the ‘1992 Consensus’ again,” Tsuyoshi Nojima asked.


Han replied: “I need to ask though: President Tsai doesn’t want the Republic of China, right? She doesn’t want the ‘1992 Consensus’ either. Ok, independence then! But she’s afraid of it. I really want to ask President Tsai where should the 23 million Taiwanese go?”

韓國瑜說:那反過來我要問,蔡英文總統不要中華民國,對不對?也不接受九二共識,OK !那就獨立啊!現在也不敢獨立。要講嚴肅的話,請問蔡總統,到底台灣2300萬人要去哪裡?

Regarding China’s President Xi Jinping’s speech on “one country, two systems,” Han further stressed that most Taiwanese people cannot accept such constitutional framework.


“Why? Because of what we see Hong Kong! We should develop our nation under the ‘19992 consensus,’ which is the most suitable way (of dealing with China), as we already don’t have other choices.”