Use beanfun!, Watch NOWnews, NT$100 million waiting for you

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Gamania Group released its new app on Jan. 23 – “beanfun!”. While bringing services such as gaming, shopping, video sharing, and socializing all together, beanfun! is also cooperating with NOWnews, providing its users the newest and most popular topic of discussion. To further promote the app, Gamania prepared up to NT$100 million in discounts for users that are using this new generation mobile platform.

Starting from the distribution of Lineage M (the mobile version of the rpg brand Lineage that dates to 1998) in 2018, Gamania Group lead its subsidiary companies to cooperate and distributed its new app beanfun! in 2019. The app is aimed to integrate the services each subsidiary company in the group provides and is currently working on expanding its service by cooperating with other industries such as travel agencies, banks, taxi companies, and e-commerce businesses.

Asked about integrating different services, Gamania Chairman Albert Liu said that the group is hoping that beanfun! will one day become the distributor of all internet service ranging from social media, communication, payment, e-commerce, and video sharing. NOWnews is also integrated as one of the services of beanfun!, allowing this one app to connect events online and offline and integrate into user’s daily life.

CTO of beanfun! Franma also said, “We had already integrated six hundred thousands of users into beanfun! with daily active use of thirty to forty thousand. If we integrate all the services in the Gamania Group in the future, the user number would rise for another five hundred to six hundred percent. NOWnews would also further increase the influence of beanfun!.”

Franma further on pointed out that there would be a dedicated section for NOWnews on beanfun!’s main menu. With machine learning analyzing the news that the user clicked, the app could use the analyzed results to present news according to the user’s interest and provide a more user-friendly service.

To further adjust the app for most Taiwanese, beanfun! have plans such as presenting news in NOWnews as videos rather than words to spark discussion in the community.

beanfun! might even introduce a piece of three-minute morning news that is similar to BBC’s One-minute world news, something never seen in Taiwan media. Together with NOWnews, beanfun! will strive to provide a vast amount of services integrated from different subsidiaries in the Gamania Group and become the number one choice of new generation mobile platform all around the island.

Follow the link to download beanfun!

By Albert Huang