TAIPEI (The China Post) – The Formosan black bear, a creature endemic to Taiwan, is typically associated with the image of a large predator that hunts viciously. However, this Formosan black bear went against all expectations and befriended a chicken. The Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association (TBBCA), when carrying out plans to recover the endangered species, placed a chicken into the black bear’s territory. Miraculously, the chicken was not eaten. Instead, it became buddies with the bear, heading a carefree life among the bears.


According to the Facebook post by the TBBCA, a chicken was placed in a Taiwanese Black Bear cub “Nan-an” territory in early December. This was carried out to develop the cub’s hunting skill. The team in charge picked out a rather inactive chicken among the brood of chickens, yet the chicken managed to escape and seemed to have vanished.


The chicken disappeared for several weeks, during which the team gave the cub a second chicken, which the cub successfully captured. Meanwhile, the team still did not witness the first chicken at all. They cannot decide whether it fell victim to the cub, or became the meal of other predators.


Recently, the chicken, covered in new feathers, silently appeared once again.  Seeing the chicken casually pecking at food beside the cub, the research team was baffled by this indescribable, ambiguous relationship. The TBBCA also stated that this chicken had survived for at least 2 months. The team also found this phenomenon quite amusing. Currently, the bear-chicken pair is still living peacefully together.


According to the TBBCA, the forest territory enjoyed by the cub, although surrounded by gates, is quite vast. This spaciousness is aimed to smoothen the cub’s transition to the real wilderness when it is eventually released. Since Nan-An ate all the chickens released after the first one, the relationship between the cub and its chicken-friend is especially interesting.