Singapore actor's death puts spotlight on conscription risks

Singapore actor's death puts spotlight on conscription risks
A photograph of Singapore actor Aloysius Pang is displayed at his public memorial in Singapore Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019. Pang died from injuries sustained during a military training exercise in New Zealand on Thursday. (AP Photo/Annabelle Liang)

SINGAPORE (AP) — A memorial service has been held for a Singaporean actor and soldier who died from injuries at a military exercise, a case that has renewed scrutiny of the tiny Southeast Asian nation’s system of mandatory conscription.

Reservist Aloysius Pang was crushed while repairing an artillery vehicle last weekend.

With a population of 5.6 million people, Singapore sees conscription as a key element of its national security strategy. It requires most men from after the age 18 to serve full-time in its armed forces, police force or civil defense force for two years and after that take part in training obligations for 10 years.

Pang is the fourth conscript to die from training since 2017, leading to calls for more protections and greater accountability on the part of the military.