Taiwan cigarette butt buster makes NT$100,000 per month

TAIPEI (The China Post) – The general penalty for tossing cigarette butts is NT$1,200 in Taiwan. If a person successfully reports such a case, however, he or she will receive NT$480 minus taxes.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Miaoli County, 10 to 20 informants report smokers tossing their cigarette butts every month, including some who report between 100 and 200 cases each time.

Most people have a cellphone nowadays. They can take photos and shoot films, meaning that informants could be anywhere around us.

Well, some people also take reporting as their main occupation, including a cigarette butt buster in Toufen Township in Miaoli County who has been reporting such crimes for seven years.

Whenever he spots people smoking while riding a scooter or driving a car with the windows rolled down, he would follow them until they discard the cigarette butt on the street, capture the evidence, and then report about the case.

One informant reportedly earns up to NT$100,000 a month, which is much higher than the average salary of most office workers. The news surprised many netizens who commented: “Might as well just change my profession and go do that!”

The EPA said the public in addition to receiving a fine for tossing cigarette butts, the behavior itself can cause environmental pollution and block drainage ditches.

It is, therefore, important for everyone not to be sloppy and lazy, harm the environment and lose money on this matter, the EPA said.