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The most popular form of game to bond with family is currently TV consoles, but with all the different choices on the market, which one is the best? If you are not sure with which one to choose yet, look at this review! (NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Some of the best ways for bonding with your family during Lunar New Year is to relax and watch a movie or play games together. The most popular form of game to bond with family is currently TV consoles, but with all the different choices on the market, which one is the best? If you are not sure with which one to choose yet, look at this review!

過年期間,無論是大朋友或小朋友,都喜歡趁這個時候好好放空,看看影片或是打打電玩吧?而說到電玩,目前遊戲的族群還是以 TV Game 為主,而所謂的 TV Game,就是泛指非電腦或手遊型態來執行的遊戲主機,包含最近持續旺的任天堂 Switch 與 Sony PlayStation 4,或是微軟的 Xbox One 等遊戲機了。而各家的遊戲機各有特色,如何選擇民眾們不妨看看記者的分享介紹,或許對您有所幫助喔!

Let’s start with Nintendo Switch. The Switch has been a hit ever since its release due to its novel design. From controllers with multiple grips to the ability to be a handheld and a TV console at the same time, Switch provides a unique gaming experience that allows portability similar to phone games while allowing family bonding anywhere anytime. Nintendo also has various games that comes in cartridges and more that could be explored on Nintendo e-shop, providing everyone a large list of games to choose.

首先就來聊聊任天堂所推出的 Switch;這款遊戲機剛上市就造成轟動,因為它有相當創新的設計,除了可以將遊戲機兩側的遊戲手把拆卸外,主要更是為了能將遊戲機的畫面接駁到電視或投影機上,如此就能兼具手遊型態的便利,以及 TV Game 能夠大家一同歡樂的樂趣。任天堂遊戲商多半主推較低年齡層的消費者,因此大人小朋友都很適合選購 Switch 遊戲機,然後依據自己的喜好選擇購買遊戲。

While Switch didn’t have a distributor in Taiwan initially, with the introduction of a distributor, Switch could now be purchased with a complete warranty plan and a software update that enables a mandarin interface. In addition, Switch has quite a few games that are controlled through direct movement of the controller that allows a more realistic approach to gaming and in cases of some games even a chance to do sports, which is well designed for family bonding.

一開始遊戲機剛上市時台灣還沒有代理商引進,因此只能購買水貨,而今除了有公司貨提供完善的保固服務外,最近也剛釋放了最新的韌體,可以將英文介面更換成繁體中文介面。Switch 有不少遊戲採體感操作方式,因此除了具有更加擬真的遊戲情境互動外,甚至也可以藉此來運動,可說是頗適合親子娛樂的設計。

The next console to be introduced is PlayStation 4. There are currently two versions – PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Besides from difference in gaming performance, the most important distinction between the two is that PlayStation 4 Pro could output 4k resolution videos. This allows better experience in gaming and functions such as playing 4k Netflix shows. The only downside is the inability to play 4k Blu-ray disk.

接下來要介紹的是 Sony PlayStation 4 主機,目前這系列產品主要分有 PlayStation 4 與 PlayStation 4 Pro 版本,兩者主要的差異除了遊戲效能外,Pro 版還具備 4K 解析度的畫面輸出能力,除了可讓遊戲畫面更細緻外,亦可以透過遊戲機來播放像是 4K 畫質的 Netflix 影片。唯一美中不足的是,無法播放 4K 藍光片,雖然已經很少人會用到藍光片來看影片了,但對於像是記者這些劇院音響發燒迷來說,還是個小缺憾。

Furthermore, PS4 consoles can pair up with PS VR devices to play VR games and play 2D/3D videos in a way similar to watching a TV that is 80” or larger; PS VR is also a lot cheaper now comparing to its price when it is just released.

此外,PS4 主機還能對應 PS VR 產品,用來遊玩 PS4 的 VR 遊戲,讓遊戲更加逼真,此外也可以播放3D / 2D 影片,頭戴 VR 眼鏡時的效果就有如觀賞 80″ 以上電視的爽度;而目前 PS VR 產品也都較剛上市時便宜很多。

Next console on the list would be Xbox One. Similar to Xbox 360, Xbox One also has the external Kinect system that could be purchased, but currently there isn’t a wide array of games to pick from while most of the games have complicated controls that are more suitable for players that are in middle school or older. There are also some games that are limited to either the Xbox platform or the PS4 platform, so players might need to buy both consoles if they want to play both games.

接下來要介紹的遊戲機是微軟所推出的 Xbox One,基本上 Xbox One 和 Xbox 360 一樣都有體感配件可以選購,但目前推出的體感遊戲並沒有很豐富,且不像 Xbox 360 一樣適合小朋友玩(難度較高),所有遊戲記者認為主推的是中學以上族群。Xbox One 和 PS4 遊戲有些許是沒有重疊的,也就是說,有些遊戲商並沒有跨平台,形成部分遊戲大家只能選邊站。若真的很想玩 Xbox 與 PS4 獨佔平台遊戲,那就只好兩款遊戲機都購買。

The highlight for Xbox One X (the higher spec version of the current generation Xbox system, the lower spec version is Xbox One S) are the functions of online streaming, screen recording with 4K resolution in 60FPS (framerates per second, how much times the screen refreshes every second; the higher the fps the more realistic the screen looks like) and a memory bandwidth of 326 GB/s to allow inspection of every frame of the recorded video. Both Xbox One X and Xbox One S could play 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K video, so Xbox would be a cost-efficient choice for users that enjoy watching 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disks.

值得一提的是,Xbox One 目前共有 Xbox One S,以及 Xbox One X 兩款規格,Xbox One 則是第一代與退役的 Xbox One 產品;Xbox One X 比 Xbox One S 主要多了串流和錄影片段採用 4K 解析度和 60FPS 畫面,以及每秒 326 GB 的記憶體頻寬細看每一格畫面的功能,兩款主機都能播放 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray 與 4K 影片串流功能,這部份對於有需要觀賞 4K 藍光片的劇院發燒迷來說,是很划算的設備投資項目。

The last console to introduce is the nostalgic PlayStation Classic. Since Nintendo started the nostalgic trend of bringing back old consoles such as NES (Nintendo Entertainment System, a game console that Nintendo released in 1985), multiples companies such as SEGA and SNK have joined the trend by re-releasing its old consoles.

最後要向大家介紹的是,相當適合像記者一樣中年大叔的經典遊戲機產品 – 「PlayStation Classic」;當電玩界由任天堂率先推出迷你紅白機的「復古主機迷你化」風潮後,SEGA 也推出 MEGA DRIVE、任天堂又推出超任,而甚至連街機遊戲廠 SNK 也推出迷你街機。

Sony joined the bandwagon by releasing PlayStation Classic, a remodeled version of first-generation PlayStation with the same button arrangement, controllers, and appearance except for a 20-percent shrink for its size. PlayStation Classic has 20 built-in games such as Final Fantasy VII, Ridge Racer Type 4, and Tekken 3 to let younger generations to experience these games and to let adults relive their childhood.

「PlayStation Classic」外觀完全復刻自初代 PS ,包括按鈕配置、控制器和外包裝等等,但是主機以縮小尺寸呈現,體積小了約 80% ,大概是一手就能掌握的程度。同時更內建包括《 Final Fantasy VII 》、《實感賽車 4 》、《鐵拳 3 》等 20 款 PS 時期經典遊戲,讓新玩家與舊粉絲都能體驗當時 90 年代 PS 帶來的感動。

My conclusion for this console after personally testing it is that only buy this console if you feel a nostalgic tie with the console and the games in it. Even though the resolution is slightly improved by using HDMI cables, the games are not reworked – they are still what they are like 20 years ago.

記者之前實際測試遊玩這款遊戲機的心得是,若對於產品內建的遊戲非常懷念想重溫當時的樂趣就可以考慮購買,但是要提醒大家的是,遊戲的畫質雖然因為採 HDMI 介面輸出而有所提升,但解析度還是維持當年水準並沒有特別提升,可別以為遊戲商好心還特別重製畫質提升。

Translated by Albert Huang | 記者劉士成/台北報導