Taiwan expats aim to attract more talents to China

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) – Xiamen, China is one of the hottest destinations for Taiwanese workers and entrepreneurs who want to work overseas. The city, which is close to Kinmen islets, shares a similar dialect with Taiwan so there is little wonder that it is often called “little Taiwan.”

Wu Chia-ing, head of Taiwan Business Xiamen Association Xiamen, said that its organization wants to attract more talents from Taiwan this year with up to 2,000 jobs on offer across industries, ranging from the manufacturing, service and hotel sectors, to the information technology and creative sectors. A future full of opportunities awaits blue-collar workers and high-paid technical specialists, Wu said.

According to Wu, China has offered an increasing number of opportunities thanks to the government’s new policies aimed at making it more convenient for Taiwan’s young professionals to install in various fields.

It appears to be a great time for Taiwan youth to pursue their carriers in China, Wu said. “The association will work with municipal authorities to assist workers and provide talents with favorable conditions upon arrivals,” Wu added.

“Xiamen’s advantages include not only the language but also the culture and the dining habits in general, compared to other regions on the mainland. Young workers from Taiwan can find themselves fitting in in no time,” said Wu.

According to media reports, Wu’s own business, Xiamen Chia Hao Materials Holdings, is also recruiting; jobs on offer include international trade and sales managers, foreign language secretary associates and finance directors.

In addition, Wang Pi-lo, vice president and chief operation officer at TPV Technology, said its company has brought forth a “Hundred Talent Program” to attract Taiwan talents. “Integrated Circuit Industries have been funneling into mainland China in the recent years, to succeed in China, therefore, means to succeed in global markets,” he said.

According to Xiamen’s local government, there are already 120,000 Taiwan residents in Xiamen, among which workers and students account for 23,000 and 2,400, respectively, with another 2,000 or more identified as top specialists.

Since the city issued its “Sixty Measures for Taiwan” in April last year, the new job offers from the association serve as a run-up for the 120,000 residents to discover new ways to learn, work and invest on the same footing as Xiamen locals.