NEW YORK (AP) — Sparkly, studded and strutting in designer suits, the Grammys parade of often out-there fashion kicked off in a downpour Sunday in Los Angeles.

Kyle Tree of the EDM duo Grey was inadvertently ready in a rain slicker that was, yes, the color gray, as was his hair and that of music producing partner Michael Trewartha, both among the night’s nominees.

Fantastic Negrito, the Oakland, California-born blues artist, represented in a red suit with large, colorful swatches for pockets. His silver necklace of two fish used to be a belt buckle, said the upcycling enthusiast.

Weezer, on the other hand, kept it relaxed in scoop T-shirts under jackets that included mauve and baby blue.

Ben Harper went full bedazzle in a jacket showing off yellow sequins worn with a broad-brim hat.