TAIPEI (The China Post) – Many have taken on the #10yearschallenge and posted their “before and after” pictures online.


World badminton queen Tai Tzu-ying followed suit on Jan. 21 and posted photos from nine years apart, saying with a smile that she “has the same little eyes.”


Among the photos she posted online, there were also pictures of herself with former World’s No. 1 player Carolina Marín from Spain that attracted thousands of fans’ attention.


Nine years ago, Tai still had short hair; she was pretty, young and petite; now she has long hair and she has become much more mature and feminine.


The photos surprised her fans, “Tai was pretty and cute when she was little, now she has become more mature and beautiful,” they said.


Tai posted even more pictures of herself on Facebook on Jan.22. She shots were taken when she was twelve, sixteen, and twenty-four, noticing that she has had the same way of raising her arms and clenching.


What people find the most amusing is that compared to former top-ranked players such as Saina Nehwal from India and Carolina Marín from Spain, Tai is the person who has changed the most.


Regarding her recent tournaments, Tai was ousted during the quarter final of the women’s singles at Malaysia Masters 2019, meaning that she failed to maintain her total score.


Even though her score was lowered to 99,667, falling right below the 10,000 mark, she has secured her seat as World’s No. 1.


Tai gave up defending her championship title for the upcoming Indonesia Masters in late January, so her points were reduced even more.