Han Kuo-yu receives praises for supporting start of 4th Nuclear Power Plant

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Wang Ming-chu, a doctor at National Taiwan University Hospital and one of the co-initiators of the nuclear power referendum, shared a video on Feb. 11 to praise Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu.

The Facebook post, recorded prior to the election, praised Han for being the only mayoral candidate supporting the start of the 4th Nuclear Power Plant to meet energy demands.

Han said that “the central government is in charge of the distribution of energy resources, while air pollution actually impacts each city.”

He urged the government to focus on solving problems and take responsibility for air pollution.

Wang believes that Taiwan needs a pollution-free environment, as well as affordable and sustainable power resources to produce the required energy output. He stressed that the shared video was recorded before Han was elected as the mayor.

“He was right. There aren’t any perfect resources. It is a matter of making the right choice,” Wang said.

“The results of the referendum highlight the decision made by the people. However, the ruling party decided unilaterally to ignore the decision made by 23.58 million Taiwanese people in the name of democracy,” he added.

“We have to save our country by ourselves. I don’t support nuclear energy but we need it for the next twenty years.

“Let us run the nuclear power plants again and restart the Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant No. 1 reactor for commercial operations by voting for a new referendum,” said Wang in the final sentence of his post.