TAIPEI (The China Post) – As businesses resumed operations on Feb. 11, most office workers expressed hopes about their life and work while waving goodbye to the Year of the Dog and embracing the Year of the Pig.


According to a survey conducted by a job bank, the most important question office workers want to ask their supervisor is: “Can I have a raise?” Seven in ten people want to ask this question.


One in two workers also wishes to have a promotion and a raise, demonstrating that their biggest wish hasn’t changed despite the sluggish economy.


According to yes123 job bank, the second-most popular choice is: “Thank you for your support but I’m ready to leave.” (42.1 percent), followed by, “This company is cheap, my year-end bonus was too small!” (28.8 percent)


In addition, 27.7 percent of the employees want to say: “Can I have a promotion after you’ve seen my work performance?” while another 22.3 percent of respondents want to say: “Please stop texting me after work!”


As for New Year Wishes, aside from getting a promotion and a raise, 56.6 percent of respondents wish for good health and 46.6 percent wish for having a good relationship with their co-workers.


Other expectations include purchasing a house, switching jobs smoothly, getting married and having kids, getting off work on time every day, and balancing life at work and home, and always achieving KPI targets.