‘Womxnly’ – a song to better love oneself, says Jolin

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Jolin released her new album last year, “Ugly Beauty,” after a 4-year hiatus. Asked about the meaning of her new song, “Womxnly,” the singer said that the truth to love oneself is to “love one’s body.”

The meaning of this song is better understood when you watch the music video as Jolin “follows the instinct of her body.”

Jolin explained that she just moved according to the rhythm of the song. “It makes me enjoy every moment, like if my body was speaking a language itself.”

Jolin invited Kiel, a professional dancer from New Zealand with whom she has been collaborating over the past 5 years. He has worked with Jolin on numerous live performances and MVs.

Jolin and Kiel use facial expressions and body language in“Womxnly,” highlighting the emotions and significance of each movement without the help of choreography, by just improvising.

In addition, Jolin invited Ryan Parma, who directed K-Pop queen CL’s “Hello Bi+ches,” to Taipei to better showcase the meaning of the lyrics through body language.

The emerging director from Los Angeles is already famous for his way of directing through long takes.

Understanding the song after listening to it several times, Parma decided to assign formal and casual clothing to the dancers – black suits versus a yellow suit for Jolin.

The opposite styles symbolize the meaning of being “stressed” and “relaxed.” The director also portrayed the emotions of the song through facial expressions and movements of the entire dance crew.