TAIPEI (The China Post) – The 7-day strike led by China Airlines (CAL) pilots impacted over 150 flights and 30,000 travelers, including long-haul flights heading to Rome, Vienna, and New York City that were mostly canceled.

華航機師罷工7天,累積超過150 航班、逾 3 萬旅客受影響,尤其是歐美長程線影響更大,像是羅馬、維也納、紐約等航班幾乎是全面停飛。

Some people reported, however, that some CAL staff also received up to NT$63,000 in compensation for the 7-day break amid the chaos.

但有民眾爆料,在大家為機師罷工忙得焦頭爛額期間,有群人卻受惠,因為這 7天爽拿約 6.3 萬台幣津貼。

Many China Airlines planes, as well as their cabin crew, were stranded at foreign airports due to the strike. Luckily, they are entitled to per diem at an hourly rate of US$5.


A cabin crew was grounded in the UK for 8 days, while those in Hawaii and Vienna were stuck for 13 days. Worse, two sets of cabin crews were stuck for 16 and 17 days in New York, while the crew in Rome was stranded for 17 days.

據了解,華航紐約有 2 班空服員滯留,各滯留 16 天、 17 天,羅馬滯留 17 天,夏威夷、維也納滯留 13 天,英國也有滯留 8 天。

According to our calculations, a flight attendant on the New York or Rome flight can receive a non-taxable income of US$2,040, which is equivalent to about NT$63,000.

以滯留最長的紐約及羅馬班為例, 17 天共 408 小時計算,可領到 2,040 美元外站津貼,約合台幣63,000元,且不用繳稅。

“Per dorm” is an hourly allowance given to members of the cabin crew during their time away from their domestic airport.


Currently, China Airlines has a per diem rate of US$5 an hour. A small group had silently received significant benefits from the strike despite the inconveniences it caused for nearly 30,000 travelers.

目前華航給予空勤人員外站津貼調升為每小時 5 美元。機師罷工造成近 3 萬旅客不便,但卻有一群人因此默默受惠。

The China Post staff