iPhone用戶也有Google Maps 機車導航功能啦 | iOS users get motorcycle navigation feature too

Having a new motorbike guiding function is definitely good news for iOS users in Taiwan. | iOS 用戶多了機車導航模式絕對是個好消息。 (Courtesy of Dimitri Bruyas)

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Taiwan has a large population of motorcyclists who bears the inconvenience of not having a motorcycle guiding function on Google Maps.

台灣的機車人口數眾多,但過去都苦無 Google maps 的機車導航功能。

The problem was partially solved when the motorcycle navigation feature was added on the Android platform in 2018.

直到 去2018 年 Android 平台率先登場,但也讓 iPhone / iPad 用戶紅了眼。

Well, iOS users needed to live with the inconvenience for a few more months. The problem was recently settled out after an update of the iOS version’s Google Maps earlier this week.

好消息的是, iOS 版本的 Google Maps 機車導航功能以悄悄新增,iOS 的用戶在更新完最新版本的 Google Maps 後就會發現多了機車導航圖示。

According to some users, however, the current Google Maps system would still bring riders to roads that are off limit to motorcycles, so you should be cautious about the actual road condition and refrain from trusting Google Maps blindly.

不過據悉一開始許多機車族表示,若依照 Google maps 指示騎乘機車,還是會有可能遇上機車禁止通行或其他狀況,因此用家門還是得自行留意實際路況,不要全部仰賴 Google maps 比較好。

The China Post Staff