BY2姊妹改名了!大眾評價兩極 | New BY2 stage names draw polarized reactions

TAIPEI (The China Post) – BY2, a Singaporean duo, has been popular ever since they made their debut in 2008. For the release of their new album, twin sisters Miko and Yumi announced their plans to change their Chinese names to Sun Han and Sun Yu to everybody’s surprise.

雙胞胎女團「 BY2 」出道以來話題不斷,隨著新專輯即將推出,姊妹倆近日也宣布更改個人藝名,分別叫「孫涵」、「孫雨」。

The decision drew polarized reactions among fans, with some saying that the new names are elegant and beautiful, while others argued that the names sound too common.


The twins announced their decision on Valentine’s Day via their Weibo account: “We are going to change our stage names!” Until now, the pair’s Chinese names were Pai Wei-fen and Pai Wei-ling, respectively.

BY2 姊妹在 14 日情人節這天,透過微博宣布更名消息,寫道「 BY2 改個人藝名了!」兩人本名原為白煒芬、白煒玲。

“From now on, please call us Miko Sun Han and Yumi Sun Yu,” they continued. BY2 started using their Chinese names along with their English ones after the new album was released.

「從今以後請叫我們 Miko 孫涵、 Yumi 孫雨」,新中文藝名之後將和英文藝名一併使用,同時透露新專輯的消息。

The announcement launched a heated discussion among netizens though. Most fans said they like their new names, saying: “I will support any decisions you make! It’s a good restart.” “Hello Sun Han and Sun Yu.” Others said: “I prefer their original names though; the new ones are so down to earth.”


Some fans, for sure, contended that the new stage names sound plain and simple. “What? Why are you changing your names? My BY2 sisters.” “How come your new names are not associated with ‘White’?” commented another fan.